“…Knowledge, Ability, Integrity, and Direction…”

When our family outgrew our current home, like all buyers and sellers, we had a number of representation choices in front of us. We could choose the traditional approach, total private sale, or to go it alone or with minimal representation, as a number of companies promise is “commonsense” as it saves the client thousands of dollars compared to traditional representation.

Truthfully, at the time we didn’t know what you really needed to purchase and sell real estate or which mode of representation would truly be most beneficial to us. We were open to all the possibilities and in the end we chose to be represented by Paul Lisanti. Paul came highly recommended by several coworkers who had worked with Paul in the past and only had high praise for his talents as an agent.

Within a week of meeting Paul we had purchased our dream home. We’re convinced that if it wasn’t for Paul’s knowledge and skill of real estate, coupled with his tremendous people skills, that the sellers may well have chosen another offer besides ours. We learned quickly that Paul’s preparation and dedication are second to none and as a client, you are supported and informed throughout the process.

When the time came to sell our home Paul once again impressed us. His knowledge and skill helped us to present our home in a way that appealed to many potential buyers. Paul created a customized listing strategy for our home that was designed to maximize the market in our favour and it was with this confidence in Paul that we listed our home beyond a price point which we believed we would receive offers for.

What we didn’t know before we bought our dream home and sold our current home was that you don’t need an agent. You need more than this. You need a team. You’ll need a team led by someone with knowledge, ability, integrity and direction. You’ll need a team that can lead you through the technicalities of negotiation so that you limit your liability in presenting and receiving offers and to come to an agreement that you have confidence in. You’ll need a team with experience to see the possibilities that you can’t and to bring you through the sale of your home. In the end, thanks to Paul and his team, we received and accepted an offer above asking!

Thank you Paul for all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you for the support you provided to our family throughout this process. And thank you for seeing all of the possibilities!

With appreciation,

— The Fletchers