“…Refreshingly Real…”

Paul Lisanti became our agent when he was recommended to us by a friend. Initially, we believed that our relationship with Paul would be in the short term due to the fact that we were selling a house and thought our interaction would be limited to that transaction, but we could not have been more wrong. Since selling that home, we have purchased two houses with Paul and our relationship with him has evolved into both a business partnership and a friendship. Paul is very knowledgeable and he is constantly educating himself and, in turn, he imparts that knowledge to us as well. Paul has made himself available to us without condition and he has become an instrumental part of our real estate investing. When building a team of professionals to assist us with our real estate goals, we could not have asked for a better partner than Paul. Paul is honest, trustworthy and refreshingly ‘real’ in a challenging industry. He has our confidence and our loyalty without question.

— Stephanie and Elyse